Your Questions about Hail Damage

Our customers often have questions about hail damage – how big is the problem, can I just check the roof myself, and what if I don’t see any signs of damage?

We usually get hail several times a year in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, so this is a subject we deal with often at the 41:10 Construction Group. Here’s what we can tell you about hail damage to your roof.

How Big is the Problem?

That depends on several factors. Yes, hail can cause serious damage to your roof, but the damage can also vary a lot between one storm and another. The damage caused to your roof by a hailstorm depends on the size and shape of the hailstones, the wind direction and speed, the roofing materials, and the presence or absence of cover such as trees. The important thing to understand here is that a damaged roof can start to leak, causing major water damage to your home. If your roof has suffered hail damage, the best thing to do is to have the 41:10 Construction Group fix the problem before this happens.

Can I Just Check the Roof Myself?

It’s understandable why some customers would want to check for hail damage on their own, but it’s always better to call a professional like the 41:10 Construction Group. There are two main reasons for this advice. First, it’s dangerous to go up on a roof! Professional roofers have the equipment and experience to work on rooftops safely, so you don’t need to risk injury by trying to do it yourself. Second, you may not be able to recognize whether you have hail damage or not… which brings us to the next question.

What if I Don’t See any Signs of Damage?

Hail damage can be hard to spot and can sometimes be mistaken for normal wear and tear. If you decide your roof hasn’t been damaged when it actually has, then you could be opening yourself up to a much bigger problem when your roof starts leaking into your attic the next time it rains.

One of the biggest problems with damage to your roof is that granules can be displaced. When this occurs, the asphalt backing on the roof becomes vulnerable to UV rays. Although this will lead to leaks, the damage is done before the first leak occurs – the fact that you have no leaks does not mean that your roof is in good condition. That’s why it’s so important to have your roof checked by a professional.Even if you don’t think your roof was damaged, the safe move is to call the 41:10 Construction Group and have us check it out.

In the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the 41:10 Construction Group is your best source for roof repair and maintenance. If your roof has been hit by hail, give us a call and we’ll check the damage for you!